'I'll probably miss....


Now I'm going to a school which is learning in English.I will graduate a language school over the final 2 weeks.....'I'll probably miss ....
I'm enjoying school of life and my life!! If I can get a lot of money I want to travel all over the world !! then I want to talk with different culture people. When I had been to the other coun try I couldn't talk the local people....Always I just laugh off as the moment !!I was able to make friends at school!!I 'm glad to see them!!

Simon from Switzerland & me & Marc from Switzerland & Baralia from Mexico

Simon left in Voncouver and he has gone to USA and Mexico !the guy who is very kind and cute!!then Marc left in Voncouver,too..then he is staying in NewZealand.When I went to a school on the first day he called to me. And Baralia who is taking the same class with me who is very cute and beautiful !! I like her !!sometime she is teaching me Englihsh!

We are Korean and Japanese friends, who are going at the same languge school . The day was just meeting.

Hii~!!!Nice guys !!!!!at bar!!!!

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