I met a dog , was walking with his boss , is so cute.....
so cute, right????

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Blogger Yasuto さんは書きました...

hey chie! whatz up man??? im writing u something into the comment are as ive never seen someboy have written a message there.. well ur eng is gettin to b improved at breakneck speed.. hope to talk with u only in eng some day.. lookin forward to seeing ur new post in this blog.. take care so long bro!! Nice painting on the t-shirt and peace!! yasuto

2009年12月27日 2:11  
Blogger chiechie さんは書きました...

Hey!!!!Hey!!Yasuto~!!!Thank you for nice first comments on my blog!!
I'm goooooood!!!!Sometimes not good!!!!
I don't know I'm making progress my English........
but It's OK..
SO~ I like my blog!!!
There are only 3 days left this year!!!
I wish we good luck for the coming year!!!
see you!!!!

2009年12月29日 3:45  


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